Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sushi Kyou, Bukit Beruang Melaka

Last two weeks when I drove pass the Petronas in Bukit Beruang, I saw the new sign board of 'Sushi Kyou' at the same row with 7-eleven. I believe this is the first Japanese Restaurant in Bukit Beruang and me and my friend Ah Short decided that we have to give it a try when it opens and I am gonna blog about this rare Japanese Restaurant that opens in Bukit Beruang! Today is the second day of the grand opening and they offer 20% discount,  so we had our lunch here. 

*Do not expect it to be as authentic/classy as Wazen la because it caters for students and some locals I think.

Inside the menu it claimed that the main idea of this restaurant is to let the neighborhood able to enjoy the japanese cuisine, not only the rich one. Great Idea. 

When I entered the restaurant, I could see that most of the customers were students and locals.

Salmon Mentai Sushi. This is one of the favorite sushi that I like to order in the Japanese Restaurant but unfortunately it turned out to be.. failed. =.=''' I think it is due to the insufficient broiling on top of the Mentai and causes the Mentai to lose it's taste. The price for this 2 pieces of Nigiri Sushi is RM8.50, I don't mind paying more for Salmon Mentai but definitely not this one.

However, this Ika Teriyaki turns out to be very good! The price is also cheaper than other Japanese Restaurant, only at RM11.90 for the whole yummy juicy squid!

This is Kyou Bento. The Kushiyaki is smoked duck meat which I think is quite nice.  The bottom left is  stirred fried chicken with onions and nori on the top, next to it is baby octopus in sweet sauce. The rice portion is small but just nice for me. RM24.90 per set (without watermelon what a shame haha).

Tamago sushi. I like the sweetness of the tamago but why does it have to be so thin!! >__<

At the end of the day I paid the total RM45.15 after 20% of discount and 10% of service charge.

So MMU students, you may wanna give it a try. I hope this post helps. :)

75450 MELAKA

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