Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sleep Or Not Sleep

It's 11.32pm, and I am lying on my bed holding the iPad and typing slowly on the touch screen keyboard. As usual,  I am struggling myself, whether to sleep or not to sleep. I have a habit that, unless I was too tired on that day, I have to read any book or just simply browse though the forum to search for a lengthy article on iPad to read before I can finally put myself to sleep. My sleeping quality  all these while is hardly good because I have been too sensitive that any little sound could possibly wake me up. It's very difficult for me to sleep back once my sleeping is interrupted. However,  I don't have this problem now because I have shifted to a new house with quiet envitonment. But still, I am still having some sort of sleeping disorder. By the way, the book that I was reading just now was 'The Dead Do Talk' by Dr. Porntip, a Thai famous pathologist. I have yet to finish the whole book but stopped at the part she talks about her love story. Lol. I am gonna continue reading it tomorrow and skip all the love story parts perhaps.

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