Friday, April 13, 2012

Something to Share...

I am starting my blog post with the same sentence that I used very often again. It's been a while since I last blogged. I am now in the last trimester for my degree (4th year) in Multimedia University. The final year project takes up most of my time recently because I started doing it in the last minute again, like I always did. Even now I should be struggling on my report writing part that has to be done before the coming Wednesday but I realized that I need to jot down some feeling as I think I am now in the verge of turning point in my life. I have something to share.

The first thing is that I finally got my first car. 2 months ago I moved out from the student apartment that I had been staying for four years and rent a room that is slightly far from the campus. I started to nag my father to get me a car and he got me a new Myvi. I feel myself lucky to own my very first car at the age of 21 ( 8 months after getting my driving license =.=).  Ok the reason that I got my license so late is because I thought myself having some sort of driving phobia because I can get lost easily until I realized that how important it is to have a driving license in Malaysia. Comparing to other friends in my university, they might be driving expensive imported cars since the first year of study, I (from a mediocre family) appreciate what my father has given to me.

The next thing is, I am moving to another house again by the end of this month due to some unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, I learnt a lesson. Friendships can sometime be so vulnerable that it can break anytime. I regretted but there's nothing much I can do.

Oh ya! I am graduating in 2 months time! I am gonna get a job and work like an adult for money! It sounds so far for me but it is actually happening in 2 months time! Sometimes I just couldn't believe that my 5 years of university student's life passes so fast until I couldn't remember if there was any memorable thing that I have done throughout the 5 years. However, life goes on. I love my current life, and if I have a chance to choose again, I would choose to stay current too. With the lovely people around me, the feeling of freedom and being able to stay independent and of course, to be financially independent very soon. :)

I am really enjoying my current life and I am very glad that many problems/obstacles that I faced these few days were solved smoothly. Thank God for the lucks on me. :D


~思情燕语~ said...

God bless you :)

Anonymous said...

long time no see..u looks different!

randy said...

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