Tuesday, February 14, 2012

April fool or Valentine?

I thought today is gonna be another ordinary day with a stupid exam in the afternoon. However, after  my exam, a cute creature being so nice, gave me a nicely wrapped present. I happily peaked inside and saw the hello kitty crocs recycle bag and I thought it was a new hello kitty crocs for me. When I unwrapped the present, i was shocked because it wasn't hello kitty crocs inside the recycle bag but creature's wore shoes! I suddenly realized that it was just a prank! I was fooled! Then when I was still very upset, creature asked me to open the car boot to take my real present. I did what creature asked me to do and I saw a huge box wrapped in the brown mahjong paper. I carried the huge box into my room, and I unwrapped it again. At that moment I thought it must be a Smurf plush toy (Smurf is my favorite cartoon now). Who knows when I opened it, it's all creature dirty clothes and creature some more proudly said:"It's time to wash clothes d lah!!" I was fooled, for twice!!! I was so angry until I kicked the box away and the process is all recorded by that pokkai creature FML. =.=''' 

Then after dinner, creature sent me home and 2 minutes after I left the car, it called and said:" oiii come back, we need to go yumcha with a friend!". I walked back to the car again and I saw a smaller nicely wrapped present on the passenger seat. This time I was alert already, I don't 100% trust that that was a real present. I slowly unwrapped it again and thinking of how to smack the creature if it fools me again. Until I saw the apple symbol. Ohmaigod it's an iPad. It's such a sweet gift and I like it very much. Together with the pink leather protective cover, it's so perfect. 

Ok lah although I was pranked for 3 times, but I still got my present. hahaha. 
Thanks creature! <3

got one rose, free gift from the iPad. haha

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YiTing 叶子 said...

oh my! I am willing to be fooled by INFINITE times if my love give me iPad lollllll

happy valentine's :)