Monday, January 9, 2012

Busy January

Oh hello hello~ This is the second post of January. My time is mostly occupied by my academic stuff, and thanks God! My FYP presentation slide is finally done and my supervisor said he is impressed with my work and I feel so happy *like a boss*. After that I think think maybe he was just trying to encourage me and boost up my confidence actually my work isn't that excellent also. Nonetheless, I can finally relax a bit, no need to feel so tensed up and worry about the presentation already. Yoohooo, life's great, life's fun, lalalalala.

Another happy thing happened is Maxis has increased my internet bandwidth from 3GB  to 5GB. This means I can watch more Youtube already. ♪(´ε` )

Received this cute desk calendar from Uncle Miao, so cute right right right? xD

This is my 2012 planner. I am so obsessed about calendar, organizer and planner type of note book. Love the feeling of jotting down notes on paper. This planner I got from Kinokuniya is awesome because it is so colorful. Every monthly planner has different color and theme. I love color that's why my FYP also all about colors. Haha! Just that it doesn't have weekly planner.

This is Jimmy's book. I don't own any of Jimmy's book unlike Huemin does but Timon bought it for me because I like it. Haha!  Weekly planner is very thoughtful :D But I don't feel like writing on it.

Gonna sleep early tonight, 2 presentations for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can You Keep A Secret?

I finished reading Sophie Kinsella's 'Can you keep a secret?' yesterday. This is her stand-alone novel that published on year 2005.

I've read all Sophie's stand-alone novel except 'The undomestic goddess' but so far 'Can you keep a secret?" is my favorite one.

I read all her shopaholic series too but I don't fancy any of her novel written under the name of Madeleine Wickham (although I have one). She is gonna have a new book 'I have got your number' launching on February and I kinda excited. :D

My Sophie Kinsella collections! (*^ o ^*)