Tuesday, December 27, 2011

forever alone?

Finally everything has come to an end. Ok I don't mean the end of world just that the 2 major special days in December have passed and I am secretly feeling relieved. I love the Christmas deco in the malls, the joyful Christmas songs and the lovely weather. When people come to ask me how do I celebrate my Christmas I really don't like to answer it. It's not that I have a lot of friends to organize a Christmas party or at least hang out together. #foreveralone.jpg Ok I know I deserve it because I don't often put much effort in my social life and dang~ that's the consequences, I am meant to be forever alone. Maybe it's not too bad because I at least managed to go up to KL and did some shopping in MidValley but that's also because I need to collect my Macbook pro that was sent to repair wtf. 

Campus life is still as busy as how it always be. This week, there're gonna be 3 assignments and a FYP presentation slides to be completed. Excluding the tiny mini reports, homework and etc. I am glad that I have my macbook back because I don't have to use the turtle speed Dell Laptop anymore!

Green Tea Chiffon Cake with Red Beans from Garden's

This is the book I am reading currently and also the book that I wanted to buy since the first day it was launched.  Sadly, the story line is getting more and more boring in the middle part and the similar cases are happening again and again. This book is really overrated and I was like.. 'WTF? The same thing again arh?' throughout my reading journey.

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