Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Y U SO BLACK?

December, it's been a tough month for me. Hectic campus life has begun, the unlucky incident happened on me 2 days ago and the worst is I have never learnt to stop procrastinating. There are a long list of tasks must be completed within the month. Imagine that I have 3 assignments and a final year project to be done within a week from now. Sigh... Honestly, I am facing bottleneck on my final year project. I do not know how to continue and am so not motivated. I have to read a lot of journals but I just don't feel like reading at all. I don't feel like compiling at all. What happened to me? It used to be the easiest thing to do for me. I hate myself for behaving like an useless people sitting in front of the computer waiting for miracles to happen. It's not like I have much luck than others, else I wouldn't have spilled my bowl of tom yam soup onto my laptop. Else I would have able to continue on the work that I ONLY saved in my laptop. I am hoping for more luck. Sigh again.

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ch^3 said...

一切都会过去的 ~~=)