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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

forever alone?

Finally everything has come to an end. Ok I don't mean the end of world just that the 2 major special days in December have passed and I am secretly feeling relieved. I love the Christmas deco in the malls, the joyful Christmas songs and the lovely weather. When people come to ask me how do I celebrate my Christmas I really don't like to answer it. It's not that I have a lot of friends to organize a Christmas party or at least hang out together. #foreveralone.jpg Ok I know I deserve it because I don't often put much effort in my social life and dang~ that's the consequences, I am meant to be forever alone. Maybe it's not too bad because I at least managed to go up to KL and did some shopping in MidValley but that's also because I need to collect my Macbook pro that was sent to repair wtf. 

Campus life is still as busy as how it always be. This week, there're gonna be 3 assignments and a FYP presentation slides to be completed. Excluding the tiny mini reports, homework and etc. I am glad that I have my macbook back because I don't have to use the turtle speed Dell Laptop anymore!

Green Tea Chiffon Cake with Red Beans from Garden's

This is the book I am reading currently and also the book that I wanted to buy since the first day it was launched.  Sadly, the story line is getting more and more boring in the middle part and the similar cases are happening again and again. This book is really overrated and I was like.. 'WTF? The same thing again arh?' throughout my reading journey.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Y U SO BLACK?

December, it's been a tough month for me. Hectic campus life has begun, the unlucky incident happened on me 2 days ago and the worst is I have never learnt to stop procrastinating. There are a long list of tasks must be completed within the month. Imagine that I have 3 assignments and a final year project to be done within a week from now. Sigh... Honestly, I am facing bottleneck on my final year project. I do not know how to continue and am so not motivated. I have to read a lot of journals but I just don't feel like reading at all. I don't feel like compiling at all. What happened to me? It used to be the easiest thing to do for me. I hate myself for behaving like an useless people sitting in front of the computer waiting for miracles to happen. It's not like I have much luck than others, else I wouldn't have spilled my bowl of tom yam soup onto my laptop. Else I would have able to continue on the work that I ONLY saved in my laptop. I am hoping for more luck. Sigh again.

Monday, December 12, 2011

《换心》Change of Heart

用了将近两个星期的时间,看完了《换心》。这本书原文是英文,是Jody Picoult的其中一本著作。扣除宗教方面(对宗教没有很大的兴趣),这本书真的很好看!

在阅读这本书之前,我并没有读过任何的书评,因为我抱着很大的期望,所以希望保留些新鲜感。如果你们也有阅读的打算的话,看到这里就够了。 ( ´▽`)







Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 自上个星期,我就过着东忙忙,西忙忙的日子。考了两个mid term paper,还有一个在星期四。上了恐怖的Lab,交了Lab report。无暇分身去理会 FYP 了,我想这次报告进展的时候铁定吃藤条。( ̄◇ ̄;) 我真的很忙!可是有个很奇怪的事情就是,每当我越忙,我看书的速度就越快。或许是逃避吧!把自己埋在小说里就暂时忘记现实生活中的那堆notes. 说到notes, 我就是读到真的觉得人生乏味到下一秒是世界末日我都不会介意的境界。所以我现在就在这里敲键盘,也是在逃避。(¬_¬)

上个周末跟一群工程师们去玩 Paintball 游戏,除了在沼泽森林里摔了一交,屁股都是泥土之外,也得了总共六处瘀青。手臂上那个最为明显,还被图书馆的Security kakak 问我发生了什么事。


手臂上的战绩。我只能说,工程师们都是无情且暴力的。我也很暴力!只放了不少可爱的战绩在他人身上( ´ ▽ ` )ノ。

哎~温习进展不到50%,notes过度无聊到想放弃,但是我又不想被angry bird弹。救命 T__T