Monday, August 15, 2011

Workaholic? No way man~

My blog is updated less frequently again. It's not that I don't wanna blog but I am really tired of my current life. My current life here = my industrial training life. It takes up my 10 hours everyday which means industrial training is my life now wtf. I have a lot to rant about my stingy company and my bitchy lady 'bosses'. Argh I guess I will just do it  after I have completed my training and left the company because I scare I will get fired fml T__T. What I can say is they are hiring trainees to work as cheap operator. Jin gak anot? So this is what I wrote and stick on my reminder board. Yes, just a few weeks more. I think can bear with it.

*Stupid tasks are waiting for us tomorrow. God bless us, we don't wanna be FORCED to work over time for that fucking RM1.5 per hour.

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